11 Basilan-based Abu Sayyaf members surrender, yield firearms

SUMISIP, Basilan –( October 24, 2016) -A notorious sub-leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and kin of Furudji Indama, along with his followers, to include a 12-year-old child, surrendered to the troops of the Joint Task Force Basilan led by COL CIRILITO DONATO thru the efforts of the local government units of Sumisip, Basilan headed by Mayor Gulam S. Salliman Hataman and Basilan Governor Jim Salliman Hataman.

Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Moton Indama, along with his 10 followers, surrendered to the headquarters of the 64th Infantry Battalion in Sumisip, Basilan led by LTC JULIUS A CABARLOC. Surrenderees were Moton Indama, Haimin Jalil, Marham Musana, Sadjara Hadjaraman, Tari and Halid Murasimin, Gulam Hajim, Haraward Sahirulla, Basri Laisun, Nasim Baliyung and Ring Langka. Their age ranges from 12-35 years old.

Indama and his followers also surrendered their firearms of 3 - Cal. 45 pistols, 1- Cal. 38 handgun, 1- M653 Rifle, 1- MINIMI Sub machine gun, 1- M203 Rifle, 1- M1 Garand, 1- 12 gauge Shotgun, and several ammunition and magazines.

Per reports, Indama, second cousin of Furuji Indama, is the leader of more or less 20 Abu Sayyaf members operating in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan. His group is responsible for the laying of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) along the Basilan Circumferential Road in Barangays Baguindan and Silangkum, Tipo-Tipo.

Indama’s group is also involved in the 2010 bombing in Isabela City, Basilan, as well as in several armed confrontations with government forces in the province in 2009.

Said surrender was made possible through the combined efforts of the Joint Task Force Basilan, the Local Government Units (LGUs) from ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman down to the barangay officials, and the police.

From July to October 24 today, a total of 34 Abu Sayyaf members in Basilan have surrendered to the government authorities.

The military, local government officials and the people of Basilan are one in working for peace in Basilan, which in the future, will pave the way for prosperity and development in the province.

 Sources: Dugong Maharlika, Ronda Del Rosario Facebook

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