Agot Isidro admits she's 'Schizophrenic'

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WATCH —Agot Isidro admitted she suffers from schizophrenia and talks how it feels during its attack. She says it is treatable once you are aware having it but can't control your mind or brain neurotransmitters activities from releasing dopamine that causes schizo, so once it attacks, she looses her mind and lost contact to the reality.

There are evidences from social media that she suffers from it since 2013, and many netizens commenting how they feel pity for her since she obviously lost herself especially when insulting the President by merely calling him as PSYCHOPATH which star up the Duterte Supporters to retaliate in social media.

Dr. Willie Ong, also post in his Facebook account that calling a person PSYCHOPATH is totally illegal and unethical in the practice of law and medicine, he says don't use "medical term" when a person isn't a doctor or doesn't have enough knowledge to its meaning, he also remind Filipinos not to use them "loosely".

Agot Isidro continue to bash the President and Filipinos online expose her picture together with LENI ROBREDO whom we know an opposition from Liberal Party which has case regarding the alleged "electoral fraud". There are rumors that Agot was paid by them or maybe related to narco trade as well whom losing their business due to Duterte's "war on drugs".


"Ang schizophrenia talaga is in your head, you're hearing voices, napa-paranoid ka, aah, meron talagang naririnig, nakikita, na hindi naman nakikita ng iba.. etc., etc., panoorin nyo ang video.

Sources: Novo Javier Facebook

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