"Death Penalty will be implement before Christmas break!" —House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez

According to Inquirer, The House of Representatives are planning to approve the third and final reading of the death penalty bill before this coming Christmas.

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During the 3 days state visit of President Rodrigo Duterte in Japan, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez joined him and said to the reporters in Tokyo that the House plans to leave it up to the executive to set the method for executing drug convicts and those involved in heinous crimes.

“I don’t know with the Senate, I don’t control it, but as far as the House is concerned, we will approve it before the Christmas break,” Alvarez said.

“If they want to hang them, shoot them by firing squad, it’s up to them. The criminals would be dead either way,” he said.

Alvarez also said it was not implemented well before because the critics demanded that it was not a deterrent to crime.

“Before they speak, they should look at the record first. How many were killed? It had not been a deterrent because they kept on objecting, so it was not implemented,” Alvarez said to the reporters in Tokyo.

“What if it had been implemented like in Indonesia, where you will be executed if they say so?” he asked.

Duterte already answered his critics before why death penalty had not been effective when it was in place.

"They said, 'Duterte, the death penalty was in place and nothing happened, it was all the same. Why do you want to bring it back?'" he said.

"Fool… I was not the President back then. Had I been the President, we won’t have to talk about this now,” he added.

Death penalty was abolished in 2006 under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Sources: Inquirer


  1. Death penalty must be implemented with strict compliance. Criminals should be executed for heinous crime they did.

  2. Dapat lang for a total change at umasenso ang ating bansa...bitay pati na ang mga corrupt govt. officials if proven guilty.