Drug syndicate kill their own member causes EJKs


The Senate committee on justice cannot find any liability on the part of President Rodrigo Duterte in relation the the increasing number of extra judicial killings (EJKs) in the country, committee chairman Sen. Richard Gordon said on Monday.

In a press conference, Gordon said none of the witnesses who testified during the Senate hearings was able to prove that Duterte has a hand on the EJKs.

“Wala. Wala naman na prove eh,” Gordon told reporters when asked if the committee, in its investigation report, found any liability on Duterte’s part.

Gordon said that while the Senate panel acknowledges that EKJs were really happening in the country, there was no proof that these were state-sponsored.

“”Let’s put it this way, definitely maraming patayan. To be fair, maraming patayan pa nung araw na hindi na so solve. Nagiging uso lang ngayon dahil mainggay ang President… But I don’t think it (EJKs) is state-sponsored,” Gordon said.

Speaking before the Filipino community in Brunei Darrusalam on Monday, Duterte admitted that summary executions are happening under his administration but stressed that he had nothing to do with it.

“I will not say there was none, meron, pero kung sabi mo kung state-sponsored killing, order ko na patayin ‘yan, eh kalokohan iyan,” Duterte said.

Sources: politics.com.ph

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