Great Job PNP Chief Bato! Kudos Sir!

Filipinos online continue to applause the great job of PNP Chief Bato starting when criminals get caught even if they are abroad. When Chief Bato went home from Thailand, he brought with him a wanted criminal that was hiding there and now the druglord Kerwin Espino finally caught in Abu Dhabi.

As narcotics already running in our country, in the Philippines, we want to thank Chief Bato and all the people under him for all the efforts and for their undying motivation. Their contribution is the primary needs for the change we want, to eliminate illegal drugs. Maraming Salamat sa iyo Chief Bato! Saludo kami sa iyo at sa iyong mga tauhan! Patuloy kaming magdarasal para sa tuloy tuloy na pagbabagong ito. Maraming Salamt, kudos Sir!

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Image result for pnp chief bato with criminal hiding in thailand

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Sources: credit for photos CNN, GMA Network

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