"The proliferation of fake news on the internet has become an epidemic!" —ATOM

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Atom Araullo expresses his thoughts regarding anti-Duterte Facebook Pages that lately booming in social media together with its websites that spreading false news or merely an opinion against the current administration. He says many could be victimized by this propaganda online.

As it is really happening now in social media, what are your personal observations and thoughts about it? For us, it is still  appears as manipulated by the Yellow Forces whom paying a lot to create propagandas from the very start like the BPI issue and the anti-Duterte ads.

Why now their Yellow worshipers pay the internet to make websites where they post fake/false news?? Well, this sound very desperate isn't?


Sources: Alfonso Tomas Araullo Facebook

Direct Link: https://web.facebook.com/atomaraullo/posts/1113899028680287?pnref=story

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