What NTC can do to solve the poor internet connection and service?

Are you experiencing poor internet connection and when you call the operator hotline, they will only say that the connection will eventually resume and after few days or so, there's still no progress but your monthly bill will still the same as 999 a month?

Just recently, PLDT scandal circulating on social media about the complain of a subscriber regarding the poor internet connection for 2-3 days already and to the point that the client blown up his head to the hottest. Aside from that, this is a new complain similar to most of us have experienced.

Listen to this..

SOURCES: Private Netizen


  1. BaKa po under contract pa kayo. Kung hindi naman na po kayo under contract, may karapatan po talaga kayo na magreklamo.

  2. Agree... If under contract ka kahit di mo nagamit ang 1 month or ilang months babayaran mo talaga yan. Nakalagay yan sa terms and condition ng PLDT. If ikaw mismo nag apply sa office dapat binasa mo contract.

  3. Also, this connection method requires that this main computer have two Ethernet network adapter cards installed - one for the broadband connection, the other to the other computer on the network. visit this site