Why Ban ki-Moon is an anti- Duterte

Leni Robredo meets Ban ki-Moon. First, let's be frank and bold because we all know that in the very beginning, Ban ki-Moon was a critic and obviously an anti-Duterte which he shows during the very first day of Duterte administration when he says Duterte must be sued by the United Nations because of the Human Rights violation. He has a lot to say despite of unknowing Pres. Duterte and the reasons of majority Filipino People voted for him.

Are you thinking what I am thinking too? That they have the same pattern way of thinking as Yellows? Are they their connections to the international media that's trying hardly to discredit the President? Well, the pictures says more.


Here is the link to her Facebook where other photos are uploded, click the link to see them.

Sources: Dugong Maharlika

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