Robredo's 50 Million project collapsed in two months!

Local officials are pointing fingers over the collapse of a portion of the P50-million revetment along Bicol River in Naga City, Camarines Sur, funded by former representative and now Vice President Leni Robredo.

Almost 50 meters of the fortification near a private cemetery in Naga City sagged Friday afternoon, November 4, amid four days of continuous rains, chipping away soil in the riverbank some two meters near the tombs.

It forms part of the P650-million Bicol River rehabilitation project by then Camarines Sur third district representative Robredo, funded from the countrywide development fund (CDF) given by the past administration.

Robredo attended the revetment’s inauguration last September 9. Her camp remains mum about the incident.

A big chunk of the Bicol River revetment project collapsed before turnover to city government.
(Ruel Saldico / MANILA BULLETIN)
Illegal fence?
The Department of Public Works and Highways blamed the collapse partly to the 100-meter concrete fence on top of the revetment, which the owner of the private cemetery built without securing consent and permit from barangay and city hall.

The city engineering office also pointed to the fence construction, as well as the revetment’s substandard quality.

Irene Mariano, owner of the Sto. Niño Memorial Park, admitted failure in securing permit for the fence construction, but denied it should be blamed for the collapse.
She also said the government cut 6.5 meters on the easement mandatory property line, but that the cemetery did not complain.

Mariano called for an investigation on the project’s program of work.
Naga mayor John Bongat said the city government has begun a special investigation on the incident and the project won’t be turned over, pending repair.

Bicol Goldrock Constructions (BGCC), the contractor of the project, agreed to reconstruct the structure according to DPWH suggestions.
But BGCC complained it had been working on the project for almost a year unpaid.

Sources: Manila Bulletin


  1. Nakaw project!... Pagagawa daw, nakaw kalahati!

  2. Just reconstructing this revetment is not right. And using the design philosophy, “when in doubt make it stout,” is also not right. The only right thing to do is to reconstruct this for its design load. Just like the thin wall of a plastic soda bottle is designed right because it is designed for internal pressure. However if the same thin wall is subjected to external pressure it will collapse because it is not designed for that load.
    The same condition exists in this revetment. Upstream of the river bend, the velocity of the flow of water slows down but the pressure and force on the revetment wall will go up because of the rate of change of momentum in the Newton’s Law. If there is rip-rap to retain the soil at the base of the revetment, it will not loosen because it is subjected to a compacting force. However, downstream of the river bend, the flow of water becomes faster and the pressure on the revetment becomes lower according to the Bernoulli’s equation. And the soil being retained by the rip-rap will be loosened and sucked out by the low pressure until the base of the revetment has no more soil support underneath. Then the collapse will happen.
    The engineer for this construction should know, among other things, the design loads, Newton’s Law, Bernoulli’s Equation and proper rip-rap design.