"Sinong nagpabaya? Hindi naman kami nagnakaw!" —Kris Aquino

OPINION— Few days back when Kris Aquino snubbed and pin downed by Pres. Duterte to join the Go Negosyo Business seminar, there was an awkward scene there when Kris talks with Manny Piñol when Kris urgently become so defensive trying to convince the audience to believe that the Noynoy Government did not steal any money and Noy was taking care the abacca agricultural side.

She says back "I love you na, yun lang naman yun" when
Manny Piñol says that he was not referring to Noynoy and He is not literally accusing Noynoy for stealing.

We know Kris Aquino leaves in a world that she's the only one understands it, but what about? Can't she accept the reality that Noynoy did a poor job and their family only put the country in crisis? What did they achieved for our country? Give me a list.


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