The Yellow Force behind the Online Propagandas and Trolls

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ANALYSING THE FAKE NEWS SITES —An IT specialist sent me his analysis of the and five FAKE News Sites:,,,,

Itong mga FAKE News Sites na ito ang modus operandi eh maglalabas ng balita na "good news" about Duterte na hindi totoo while at the same time maglalabas ng balita na paninira sa mga miyembro ng opposition na hindi rin totoo. Recently lang ginawa ang mga fake news sites at sa iisang company sila bumili ng domain name:

Koofoo Domains. Here's the email of the IT Specialist from Australia. ---- Anyway, I did some digging on the 6 sites mentioned and made a simple relationship diagram with some information. I could not pinpoint exactly the people behind it since they had a privacy cloak on the domain registrations. I did some crosschecking with the names, IPs, domains, servers and could not link it to any local (PH) entity.

The business below is where 5 our of 6 fakes sites in question were registered. See attached file…/seo-services2.aspx As of this point, what we can do (and maybe together with the other supporters) is to report these sites through or simply sending an email to

If we have some pretty good lawyer friends who can find in the legal agreements on what breach they have, that would be awesome. I already sent a report from my end telling them that the following sites were spreading lies, hate and misinformation which drags the Philippines and other world leaders.

By the way, I'm ok for you to share these information but please keep my identity hidden. For references on how I got them, see below -……………… - Search for the domain names to retrieve IP address listings No automatic alt text available.

This is what Sass's post:

As we browse the internet, we have seen few websites and Facebook page that obviously spreading Fake News, an invent pro-Duterte news and they will post anti-Duterte posts eventually, here some, paki kalat ang balitang ito mga kababayan, mag ingat sa online propagandas..


Sources: Sass Rogando Sasot Facebook, Dugong Maharlika

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