Yellow Force behind websites spreading propagandas via Facebook Pages

Filipinos online talk about that the mastermind to silence Mocha Uson Blog is the Liberal Party because during the election campaign, as we can remember they paid some youth to attack Duterte and the Duterte supporters.

One example is the interview of Pres. Duterte in UPLB set up and conducted by Rappler. Watch the video below how naive student asked Duterte in a boastful and rude manner.

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The student's name is Stephen Villena, he was lambasted online by the Duterte Supporters and they expose a "receipt" from that the said student received 50,000 payment from Mar Roxas for provoking and humiliating Duterte in his way, the next day Stephen Villena says "sorry" to Duterte and his supporters on his facebook account before deactivating it.

During the campaign period, ABS-CBN and Rappler are the most channels that work hand in hand to create issues and black propagandas against Duterte, they post news that was twisted, invented and the highlights are mostly the ones that causes intrigue up to their desperation to broadcast an anti-Duterte ads that was paid by Trillanes whom we know from Liberal Party.

Agot Isidro also insulted the President by calling him as PSYCHOPATH and the Filipinos online exposed her picture together with LENI ROBREDO whom from Liberal Party who has an on-going alleged "electoral fraud" case.

Sen. De Lima who's being in the hot seat lately pursuing her "EJKs" proving by the witness Matobato, CHR, and take note, Matobato said during the cross examination in the hearing that the person accomodate and helped him was a "Priest" is it CBCP? or Father Villegas alone?
Lately she was cruising around in different Catholic schools to convince students that her relations to Narcotics isn't real. Really?

Recently, Bam Aquino and Maria Ressa had an interview regarding the responsible use of social media and about cyber-bullying while "satire news" online spreading and a petition to shut down the Mocha Uson Blog..?? HHMMM.. 

They shouted for "Never Again" for Martial Law while hey want to own and to control the social media where the majority of Filipinos take it as a place where they can express their emotions and opinions...  HOW TWISTED?

What are you're thoughts about these?

—Dugong Maharlika

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