Businessmen continue to trust Duterte despite latest allegations

Businessmen express trust and confidence to Duterte despite Matobato revelations.

Business leaders did not believe the allegations being thrown at Pres. Duterte and his relatives in a senate hearing.

Despite of the latest allegations linking Pres. Duterte and his relatives to killings and smuggling, businessmen said that their confidence of the President remains high.


“We are in full support of the fight of Duterte against drugs and we also pray that he will fight also smuggling because that is stealing money from our country”,George Barcelon, President Phil. Chamber of Commerce and Industries said.

“In my long years fighting against smuggling, I have never heard a “Duterte” that is smuggling in rice”.

The businessmen also pleaded the senate to end to their witch-hunting because it will not be good for the economy if this continue.

“As a Filipino, if we love our country, let’s not do those things in front of everybody”, Jess Arranza, Pres. Federation of the Philippine Industries said.

The Philippines has taken a big step forward in the international scene when most of the world leaders look at the President as a “Rock Star” when he joined them in the ASEAN Summit.

“They all praise for our President and they said that they are very happy and very proud that Philippine have finally a leader who could pursue his own independent way of running a country”, Arranza said.


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  1. Businessmen stood for President Duterte despite of the allegations shows that how sincere they are for their own country that they dont want to disturb county's economy nor want any external force to play with the sanity of their country!