CBCP becoming the real 'dictator' and modern 'Padre Damaso'

June 26, 2017| Monday

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Archbishop Socrates Villegas issued a statement against fake news saying that it is a “sin” for offending the “orientation of the human intellect to the truth” and for hindering a person “from making right and sound decisions.”

Netizen Van Ybiernas opines that Villegas has his right to his opinion as long as he represents himself in that opinion.

However, having issued those fake news sentiments as that of the CBCP, Ybiernas expresses that Villegas is making his position in the CBCP “political”.

Ybiernas underlines that there is a difference between individual action from institutional action. In the case of the fake news statement, Ybiernas implies that it was Villegas’ views projected as that of CBCP in order to exert larger influence.

Being against fake news is, as Ybiernas explains, Villegas’ right. For Ybiernas, he views fake news as the “weapon of the weak”, and if anyone is to challenge that view, then it is fine with him.

However, Villegas had taken it upon himself to name sites he believes produces fake news which Ybiernas exclaims as the bishop having “crossed the line”.

In his full post on Facebook, Ybiernas said,

"Ay para wala pong confusion.

Hindi ko nais busalan si Socrates Villegas. Kung gusto ni Villegas magsalita, magsalita siya bilang Socrates Villegas. Pilipino naman siya.

Pero ibang usapan kapag pinamumunuan niya ang CBCP bilang isang organisasyon ng simbahang Katoliko upang manghimasok sa pulitika. Yun ang ayaw ko. Iba usapan ang kilos ng indibidwal sa kilos ng institusyon. Di mo maintindihan ang pagkakaiba? E di alam na!

Isa pa, nang tinuligsa ng CBCP ang Fake News lamang, wala ako problema. Kahit na ipinagtatanggol ko ang Fake News bilang pagkilos o sandata ng mahihina (Weapon of the Weak, sabi nga ni James C. Scott), hindi ko pwede pigilan ang sino man na magsalita laban sa Fake News.

Pero ang ginawa ng CBCP sa pamumuno ni Villegas ay isa-isahin ang mga sa akala niya ay Fake News sites o pages.

You crossed the line, Villegas!

Di mo pa rin makita ang lohika? May God have mercy on your soul beshie!"

Source: Van Ybiernas

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  1. Wow this is definitely some controversial news yet an interesting one! Although it would have been better had you provided a translation to the whole thing as well but nonetheless very interesting post!